Best selling andriod and ios source code for games develepors

In the ever-evolving mobile gaming world, game developers constantly push the boundaries to create captivating and immersive experiences for players. With the rise of powerful smartphones and tablets, the demand for high-quality and engaging games has skyrocketed. 

Among the various game genres, several consistently top the charts and capture the attention of millions of players worldwide. In this comprehensive overview, we'll explore the top best-selling Android and iOS source codes for game developers, providing insights into the most popular and lucrative genres.

Match 3 Games

Match 3 games are among the most popular and best-selling game genres on Android and iOS platforms. These games involve matching three or more identical objects (like gems, candies, or fruits) to eliminate them from the board and score points. The addictive and simple gameplay mechanics, with colourful graphics and engaging levels, make these games highly appealing to a broad audience.

  • Match Land: Puzzle RPG is a top-selling Match 3 game with an RPG twist, featuring unique characters, storylines, and quests.

  • Cookie Cats Pop: It is a charming and visually appealing Match 3 game with cute cat characters and various power-ups.

  • Spellblade: Match-3 Puzzle RPG combines the classic Match-3 gameplay with RPG elements, offering an immersive adventure experience.

Casual and Hypercasual Games

Casual and hypercasual games have become dominant in the mobile gaming industry due to their simplicity, accessibility, and addictive gameplay. These games are designed to be picked up and played in short bursts, making them perfect for on-the-go gaming experiences.

  • Connect Peeps – A Hypercasual Game Prototype is a top-selling source code that offers a unique and engaging twist on the classic connect-the-dots gameplay.

  • Draw To Smash is a hypercasual game that allows players to unleash their creativity by drawing lines to smash objects on the screen.

  • Bubble Blaster – Exciting Unity Game Source Code for Sale is a casual game that combines classic bubble-shooting mechanics with vibrant graphics and challenging levels.

Idle Games

Idle games have gained immense popularity due to their simple yet addictive mechanics. These games involve minimal interaction, with the player's progress happening automatically or through simple tapping actions. The appeal lies in progression and the ability to upgrade and acquire new features over time.

  • Magic Clicker Idle RPG is a top-selling idle game that combines clicker mechanics with RPG elements, allowing players to level up their characters and unlock new abilities.

  • Grow Empire: Rome is a successful idle game that lets players build and expand their empire, managing resources and unlocking new structures and units.

  • Idle Medieval Kingdom - Tycoon is a popular idle game that allows players to build and manage a thriving medieval kingdom, making strategic decisions to grow their empire.

Simulation and Tycoon Games

Simulation and tycoon games have gained immense popularity among mobile gamers who enjoy building, managing, and expanding virtual empires. These games often offer deep gameplay mechanics, resource management, and strategic decision-making, providing a sense of accomplishment and progression.

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  • Retail Store Simulator allows players to design, stock, and manage their retail store, offering a realistic and immersive simulation experience.

  • CM Mini Mart: Tycoon 3D is a popular tycoon game that challenges players to build and operate a successful convenience store chain, making strategic decisions to maximize profits.

  • Pacific Sea: Warship Battle 2018 is a naval warfare simulation game that immerses players in intense battles, offering realistic ship models and engaging combat mechanics.


The mobile gaming industry is a thriving and ever-evolving landscape, with game developers constantly pushing the boundaries to create captivating and engaging experiences. From casual and hypercasual games to puzzles, brainteasers, simulations, and tycoon games, a vast array of top-selling source codes are available for developers to explore and build upon. As technology advances and player preferences evolve, we expect to see even more innovative and immersive gaming experiences.


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