Top 5 Unity Source Codes for the Subway Princess Runner Game

Subway Princess Runner is one of the most famous endless runner games mobile game lovers have enjoyed. If developers want to make their version or extend this idea, having good Unity source code can be beneficial. Here we go with the five best Unity source codes in the Sell Unity Source Code platform for Subway Princess Runner-style games.

Subway Princess Runner Game

It should be noted that the source code of the Subway Princess Runner game is sold on the platform for $280. This package provides all the basic elements to create an endless runner game with a subway setting. The features incorporated in the game are character creation, boosts, generation of barriers, and score. The code is clean and has comments explaining the different sections of the code to the developers who will modify it.

Speed Legends Open World Racing

Although not directly related to Subway Runner, this open-world racing game source code ($299) will give a good idea of implementing a fast 3D environment. Some of these can be incorporated into the Subway Runner game by the developers, including better graphics, better-moving animation of the character, and a rotating camera system.

Street Racing 3D

The Street Racing 3D source code is available for $199 and contains useful elements for designing an urban setting. While it is centred on racing, many elements of this code can be used in a Subway runner game. These are the traffic system, city generation algorithms, and performance optimization techniques.

Pet Runner

The Pet Runner source code is currently available for $149 and is a spin-off of the runner genre. Although it looks different from the Subway Princess Runner game, this code has good examples of character animation, collectable items, and level progression that can be used in a subway-based game.

Cat Runner: Decorate Home

Another variation on the runner theme, Cat Runner: Decorate Home ($149), is a running gameplay with home decoration aspects. This source code shows how to add mini-games and progression systems to a runner game, which can be used to add more depth to a clone of Subway Princess Runner.

How Can It Help?

Now, let's dive deeper into how these source codes can be utilized to create an outstanding Subway Princess Runner-style game:

Game Mechanics:

The basic idea of the game is borrowed from Subway Princess Runner and Pet Runner as it is an endless runner game. The game is played through a character that moves independently, and the player's task is to avoid various objects and collect money and bonuses. The Street Racing 3D code can be modified to make the train and tracks move to make the game more interesting.

Graphics and Visuals:

As for the graphics, Speed Legends Open World Racing provides rather high-quality 3D graphics that can be easily adapted for a subway context. The city generation algorithms from Street Racing 3D can be adapted to generate subway stations and tunnels so that there will be no two similar stations and tunnels in the game world.

Character Customization:

Subway Princess Runner and Cat Runner: Both Decorate Home and have character customization systems. These can be combined to make a strong customization feature, allowing players to unlock and use different outfits, accessories, and even special abilities for the runner.

Progression System:

Cat Runner: Decorate Home's home decoration mechanic can easily integrate into a subway station improvement system. Collected coins can be used to improve and modify the player's home station, which brings an element of advancement to the game.

Power-ups and Abilities:

Subway Princess Runner and Pet Runner power-up systems should be merged to make a variety of abilities. These could include temporary immunity, magnetism for coins, increased speed at which the character runs, or even the power to break through barriers.

Social Features:

Modify multiplayer aspects from Speed Legends Open World Racing to develop asynchronous multiplayer features. They could race against the "ghosts" of other players' runs or do daily and weekly challenges with other players.


Implement in-app purchases using the systems from Cat Runner: Decorate Home and Subway Princess Runner. It is possible to sell premium outfits, special characters, or event passes for those who want to support the game but maintain the main game free to play.

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From the top 5 Unity source codes above, developers can develop a feature-rich and interesting Subway Princess Runner-style game. The main idea is to incorporate the best features of both codes and keep the main endless runner genre that the players enjoy.

Remember to read and comprehend the licensing terms of the source code package that you are using. Revise and add to the code to make a new game different from the other games in the mobile market. Therefore, These source codes can be a good basis for developing the next hit runner game with creativity and skill development.

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