Alien Fight: Police vs Zombie

Alien Fight: Police vs Zombie sellunitysourcecode

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City defense has begun! Alien Zombies are coming, and they're angry! Let's form a defense line now! Protect the bustling metropolis from invasion! End this alien conquest and build one mass control and city defense base, police officers, call all the soldiers for help, quickly clone the soldiers, and let's be the police, push them all! You will visit a post-apocalyptic world in Zombie Idle Defense where most of the people have evolved into alien zombies. Help police officers who must defend themselves against endless waves of enemies.


- Face 100+ alien zombies at once and destroy them!
- 20+ police officers with various powers for you to choose from. Use their powers wisely to end the zombie war.
- Super easy controls.
- Short levels, perfect for playing anywhere.

Upgrade your most powerful weapons, and choose the most powerful officers to restore peace to the city now in Alien Fight: Police vs Zombies - a free fun game for everyone!

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