Feeding Fish

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Participate in Feeding Fish you will be transformed into a fish who are very hungry and hunt all prey.

Tap on the screen if you want your fish to swim up, and when you want your fish to swim down, don’t do anything, your fish will swim down on its own. Don’t let your fish swim too high or too low, you will lose 1 turn, and there will also be a lot of reefs on the swimming path. If you don’t want to get into trouble, avoid them.

APK demo



  • Simple graphics, fascinating.
  • Many different kinds of fish for you to explore.
  • The leaderboard system saves the champion’s name.
  • 4 turns instead of 1 single turn.
  • Multi-format support: magnet, float rescue,…
  • Consumes less storage space.
  • Admob integration

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