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Steel Fighting Robot Boxing game is the real futuristic robot fighting games in the battle of the steel world. Do you want to design your own real steel robot to fight for you? Here you are at the right place you will claim the championship title of the world robot champion. Gigantic Robots are special designs for powerful punches with full action fighting style with a deadly fight for knockout their competitors is a great achievement in the future of boxing.

Multiple robots represent the competition level of your friends. There are 69 ultimate fighting machines and each one has its own functionality. It's too big with a heavy weight which is difficult to handle in the ring fighting. Make your career in all category champion and build your favorite sports robot to become a legend in arenas and stadiums. Ready to give a challenge to your friends in the battle of robot fighting games.

Fight as more as you can to upgrade your robot to faster and stronger. The time has come to show your achievements in the Trophy room. Machines are real life in the world of steel as we are releasing an official robot boxing game. Download steel robot it is completely free to play.

- Incredible 7 Bosses for a complete 12 fights Tournament
- Unlimited free Sparring
- 68 Robots with different Classes
- Modern Furnish Arenas
- Multiple Modes
- Winner and Rank Rewards
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